Half Mask Respirators as N95 Medical Masks

http://www.safetynewsalert.com/study-suggests-possible-alternative-during-n95-respirator-shortage/ “www.safetynewsalert.com/study-suggests-possible-alternative-during-n95-respirator-shortage/”

Training and Fit Testing of Health Care Personnel for Reusable Elastomeric Half-Mask Respirators Compared With Disposable N95 Respirators

The MSA G-1 Facepiece is what I use with West Danby Fire/Rescue. WestDanbyFire.org
I wonder if one can still get the cartridge adapters for the MSA full face masks. Although if we came to a medical call with a full face mask it would look like something out of “The Andromeda Strain.”