“Time for some corduroy on the snow” with Human Powered Trail Grooming

“Time for some corduroy on the snow” with Human Powered Trail Grooming http://www.humanpoweredtrailgrooming.com/ I am glad that I got both the Skate Lane and Classic Tracks models. There has been just enough snow, again, to pack tracks with the Skate Lane model without the wings out. Not enough snow yet to set a classic track. Thanksgiving was the first good snow and I was also able to pack that snow. The AltaiSkis.com Hoks with a skin base work well for pulling an HPTG. Maybe when the temperatures gets above -20 C to -10 C (-4 to 14 F) I will see how my 29’er works on the packed tracks. HPTG also makes a Fat Bike model. For weights I got a number of the rectangular 12.5 lb weights from a Weider Home Gym when the Ithaca Sears closed. I removed the 2 dividers in the HPTG weight box, the inside of the weight box inside is the width of two plates and is two plates deep. For this snow I am using 2 plates, 25 lb, and filling in the rest of the weight box with scraps of blue board Styrofoam.

Altai Skis Hok

Altai Skis Hok

HPTG trail 2

HPTG trail 2

HPTG trail 1

HPTG trail 1

Skishoes, Sliding Snowshoes, Bushwacking Skis, Skinbased High Tech Mohair Skis

There are a number of products in the Skishoes, Sliding Snowshoes, Bushwacking Skis category:

Finally there are some replacements for the old Trak Bushwacker skis. Most of them are also skinbased, use high tech mohair, for better grip than fishscales.

Altai Skis  – http://www.altaiskis.com  LL Bean, Eastern Mountain Sports list both sizes of the Hok on their web sites.

  • Hok in both 125 cm and 145 lengths.
  • Also the Kom, a fishscale base Telemark ski 162 cm.

OAC, Outdoor Action Finland – https://readymag.com/oac/skinbased/3/, http://Skinbased.com is OAC’s English language web site. http://www.oac.fi/oac-sport/

  • OAC WAP 127
  • OAC KAR 147
  • OAC XCD 160

The korpijaakko.com post says that the OAC WAP 127 and KAR 147 have more X-C ski DNA than the Hok – more camber, binding moved to the ski balance point, less mohair and the mohair is the Swiss mohair. [same brand as the Atomic Skintec skis?]

Some blog posts:



Altai Skis Hok

Hok by AltaiSkis, my out the door skis, I can ski even on only a few inches of snow

The Hok is my out the door ski. Even when there are only a few inches of snow I can still ski. The base and mohair are tough so rocks, roots, when the snow is shallow aren’t an issue.
The mohair gives excellent grip and tracking even on shallow snow or icy crust, but it also glides well. Unlike the LL Bean Boreal skis which need at least 7cm/6in of track depth and the Boreal is a fish scale no-wax so grip can be an issue.
The mohair also gives a bit of drag on the downhills so speed is much more controlled during bushwack/off-track descents.

For 0 C skiing one may need to use a  SwixNordic Zero spray – anti icing spray.
Nils Larsen, Francois Sylvain, helped designed the original TRAK Bushwacker skis so they have experience designing bushwacking, out the door, skis.

I have both the Hok 125 cm with Universal/Xtrace Binding, and 145 cm with a Solomon XADV, SNS BC, binding. I am getting a 2nd 145 cm and adding a 75mm binding.
The Xtrace Binding works with up to a boot length of US 12/13 or size 43 75mm duckbill. Changing the binding is easy since the Hok have inserts matching extended 75mm spacing. On altaiskis.com is a mounting plate for System bindings – NNN BC, SNS XADV. The Boreal’s Universal binding has a standard 75mm spacing.
With the Xtrace binding one needs a really stiff soled boot, torsional rigidity, to have good downhill control. With a 75mm duckbill binding and a good pair of boots one can Tele with the Hok. With a System binding, great extension for kick and glide but not much downhill control – toe box isn’t anchored, just a pivot rod in front of the toe.

This year I invested in a DR Trimmer Mower. So I was able to cut down the golden rod in our front field and not have to depend upon having enough snow depth to cover it. The DR Trimmer Mowers are also designed to use an optional beaver blade, a blade with chainsaw teeth. So I was able to cut a number of new paths and cut down invasive Honey Suckle and Russian Olive.

Fun this Sat 23 Aug 2014, starting 10am Shindagin Shindig Mountain Bike Freak Show Festival

Shindagin Shindig mountain bike freak show festival!
Saturday August 23, starting at 10am
Shindagin Hollow State Forest, Braley Hill Road
Ithaca / Brooktondale, NY
Bring you bikes, drinks of your choice, sun tents, chairs and games and join us in our annual celebration of the excellent trails at Shindagin Hollow! ……



Peltonen Nanogrip – move NIS binding for better grip

The posts on the Peltonen Nanogrip skis say that they are a great 0 C ski BUT ski like they are waxed one color too cold in colder conditions.

I noticed the same thing. But then I realized the little used feature of the NIS plate – one can move the binding forward or backward.

  • Since one can’t increase or change the location of the kick wax zone.
  • Adjust the climbing zone.
  • By moving the binding forward or backward of the balance point.

At -15 C I found that my kick needed to be spot on.

  • Then I realized that since I was using NIS I could just move my binding forward for more grip.
  • Grip problem solved

So at -20 C I just moved the NIS binding forward one click.

  • Now I had solid grip.

I moved the NIS binding back to neutral when the weather got to -5 C to 0 C.

In Zero C conditions the nanogrip grip are great although they needed an anti icing spray at 5 C – the late spring rain etc.

  • At my PSIA Level 1 at Lapland Lake in mid December.
  • When we had the rain here in the Northeast late in the season. I am just south of Ithaca, NY.

If I get a pair of Atomic Skintec for 2014-15 I will add a NIS plate. Plus go with the longer medium instead of the shorter hard stiffness for my weight – advice from SkiPost.com e-mail newletter.

A Classic NIS plate has 5 clicks – 0 then plus minus 2

A Skate NIS plate has 7 clicks – 0 then plus minus 3



Nordic skiing resources from PSIA web sites

http://www.meetup.com/nordic-nsp-highlandforest-ny/files/ is where I have extracted just the Nordic, Tele, pages from the PSIA East 2012-13 schedule.

As I sent to our Highland Forest Nordic Ski Patrol Yahoo group – hfnsp.org
Nordic skiing resources from PSIA web sites
At the fall AMR meeting some folks talked about the telemark training videos that the Eastern Professional Ski Instructors of America had.

Here are some other Nordic training resources.

There is a PSIA Nordic event scheduled for Bristol Mountain on Feb 4 &5 – Mon, Tue. near South Bristol, west side of Canandaigua Lake.
There are also some tele events at Elk Mountain, about 30 minutes south of Binghamton near Lenox, PA.
I extracted the Nordic and Tele pages from the PSIA-E schedule and uploaded them to the HFNSP Yahoo group. The full schedule is at http://www.psia-e.org/ev/

R#P 607 Level I Ski/Teaching – PM Event – The PSIA-E office said that this is a 2pm registration, 3pm to 9pm event.
Bristol Mountain, New York
Registration deadline: 01/16/13

bristolmt.com, 5662 New York 64, Canandaigua, NY