Husqvarna 536li, T536i, Pro quality cordless chainsaws

The 536Li XP is a great saw, when one is careful to use it for the correct application – speed saw so one can’t leverage it/power it into a cut; works best cutting stuff up to about 1/2 the diameter of the bar; instant start so great for limbing, cutting up tops. Just be sure to get the High Capacity BLi150 battery!
Yes, taking my time I was able to split down the middle an 18″ dia x 18″ ash log – I do bowl turning. But for this type of work my Homelite 360 with a 28″ bar is the preferred saw.

I got my 536li through Russo Power Equipment, Right now the BLi150 batteries seem to be in short supply/back ordered.

For a grab and go saw to cut a few turning blanks from the stock pile, or to trim a blank for turning in the shop, the 536Li XP is great.

I went out yesterday, Fri 3 Apr 2015, to do some tree and brush trimming on our property. Great for cutting brush like honeysuckle, privet, multiflora rose. The instant start, no pull, means I can leave the saw off, crawl in, then turn the saw on without needing room to pull start. I also dropped a couple of thin ash and cherry, to give some trees we had planted more light. Then cut up these trees and some other stuff I dropped fall. At the end of the day my cloths didn’t smell like oil/gas mix!

Not as noisy as a gas saw but you will still want ear protection.
The 536li is almost instant stop on the chain when you release the tigger, doesn’t coast like a gas saw. And the 536li is easy to safe – pushing the chain brake forward disengages power from the trigger.
Con – battery pack needs a clip ring for a keeper strap or loop. Once the battery is released it will come right out.

Unlike the Ryobi, Black and Decker, with the pain to use trigger lock button that one needs to push sideways – marginal on a circular saw, impossible on a chainsaw. The 536li has a handle trigger lock so gripping the handle unlocks the throttle. And there is no comparison between 18 V and 36 V batteries.

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