Skishoes, Sliding Snowshoes, Bushwacking Skis, Skinbased High Tech Mohair Skis

There are a number of products in the Skishoes, Sliding Snowshoes, Bushwacking Skis category:

Finally there are some replacements for the old Trak Bushwacker skis. Most of them are also skinbased, use high tech mohair, for better grip than fishscales.

Altai Skis  –  LL Bean, Eastern Mountain Sports list both sizes of the Hok on their web sites.

  • Hok in both 125 cm and 145 lengths.
  • Also the Kom, a fishscale base Telemark ski 162 cm.

OAC, Outdoor Action Finland –, is OAC’s English language web site.

  • OAC WAP 127
  • OAC KAR 147
  • OAC XCD 160

The post says that the OAC WAP 127 and KAR 147 have more X-C ski DNA than the Hok – more camber, binding moved to the ski balance point, less mohair and the mohair is the Swiss mohair. [same brand as the Atomic Skintec skis?]

Some blog posts:

Altai Skis Hok

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