Peltonen Nanogrip – move NIS binding for better grip

The posts on the Peltonen Nanogrip skis say that they are a great 0 C ski BUT ski like they are waxed one color too cold in colder conditions.

I noticed the same thing. But then I realized the little used feature of the NIS plate – one can move the binding forward or backward.

  • Since one can’t increase or change the location of the kick wax zone.
  • Adjust the climbing zone.
  • By moving the binding forward or backward of the balance point.

At -15 C I found that my kick needed to be spot on.

  • Then I realized that since I was using NIS I could just move my binding forward for more grip.
  • Grip problem solved

So at -20 C I just moved the NIS binding forward one click.

  • Now I had solid grip.

I moved the NIS binding back to neutral when the weather got to -5 C to 0 C.

In Zero C conditions the nanogrip grip are great although they needed an anti icing spray at 5 C – the late spring rain etc.

  • At my PSIA Level 1 at Lapland Lake in mid December.
  • When we had the rain here in the Northeast late in the season. I am just south of Ithaca, NY.

If I get a pair of Atomic Skintec for 2014-15 I will add a NIS plate. Plus go with the longer medium instead of the shorter hard stiffness for my weight – advice from e-mail newletter.

A Classic NIS plate has 5 clicks – 0 then plus minus 2

A Skate NIS plate has 7 clicks – 0 then plus minus 3


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