Nordic skiing resources from PSIA web sites is where I have extracted just the Nordic, Tele, pages from the PSIA East 2012-13 schedule.

As I sent to our Highland Forest Nordic Ski Patrol Yahoo group –
Nordic skiing resources from PSIA web sites
At the fall AMR meeting some folks talked about the telemark training videos that the Eastern Professional Ski Instructors of America had.

Here are some other Nordic training resources.

There is a PSIA Nordic event scheduled for Bristol Mountain on Feb 4 &5 – Mon, Tue. near South Bristol, west side of Canandaigua Lake.
There are also some tele events at Elk Mountain, about 30 minutes south of Binghamton near Lenox, PA.
I extracted the Nordic and Tele pages from the PSIA-E schedule and uploaded them to the HFNSP Yahoo group. The full schedule is at

R#P 607 Level I Ski/Teaching – PM Event – The PSIA-E office said that this is a 2pm registration, 3pm to 9pm event.
Bristol Mountain, New York
Registration deadline: 01/16/13, 5662 New York 64, Canandaigua, NY